tribes ascend review

Tribes: Ascend Review

Tribes: Ascend is a free MMOFPS game based on the popular Tribes series. This is a typical shooter set in the realities of since fiction. Unlike Tribes and Tribes 2, MMO Tribes Ascend will not be based on browser entertainment and will be completely free, except for the elements related to micropayments.

We will meet similar elements as in League of Legends, giving players the opportunity to purchase the so-called loadouts, which are essentially archetypes of characters with different sets of weapons and armour, and they are periodically released as champions in League of Legends. The Unreal 3 engine was used to create graphics in the game. We can find here items such as jetpacks, many different combat techniques and huge maps, and all of this causes two layers of the game, strategy and team battle to clash here.

In Tribes: Ascend at the start we get two factions to choose from – Blood Eagle and Diamond Sword. However, they will only differ in appearance, as the weapons and equipment for each party to the conflict will remain identical. We can play using one of two game modes Capture the Flag and Rabbit-Chase.

At Capture the Flag, we will manage the base, building new structures and protecting energy generators. In the game, we will also experience the Rabbit-Chase series known to fans. We will hunt for one person with a flag in it. Hi-Rez studio is responsible for the game.

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