trial madness 2 review

Trial Madness 2 Review

Trial Madness 2 is a browser game published by the social network Facebook, where we take part in various disciplines related to motorcycle sport. Our task will be to overcome very difficult and complicated tracks on our motorcycle. We start our fun with class A discipline, other classes are blocked at the beginning, and in each of them, we have a large number of levels to pass. Each track has different requirements, but the most important is travel time. We will compete with other players. Also, remember not to overdo it with stunts because if you do it you will have to start everything from the cornfield. The control is done using the arrows on the keyboard.

The balancing system while riding a motorcycle in Trial Madness 2 is not advanced, but it adds a certain amount of difficulty to the whole game. The way of playing is simple and does not require too much time from the user to spend on learning. Sometimes we will traverse quite strange, even unrealistic terrains, but this is what this game is about to have fun, and not think about whether the stone can float in the air on the designated route.

But let’s be honest, you’ll break often, too often. And you’ll see after a while how annoying pressing the Retry button once again is. You will keep repeating the game until you break your own record, and then you will want to beat the next one again. I still have the habit of using the left and right arrows, so even when writing I try to balance the text.

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