total battle review

Total Battle Review

Another treat for fans of strategy games. I am talking about Total Battle, which is available on Facebook and which is fully available in Polish, so I will not have to learn male with translation. This game is important for real emperors who appreciate the atmosphere of ancient Rome. We can have our own army, conquer adjacent territories, or set off to fight epic monsters. In short, nothing new, or maybe?

Total Battle is undoubtedly another RTS game, you do not have to download the game client, it is available through the browser, most importantly, you do not have to create an account as long as you have your Facebook account.

Game description Total Battle

At the first entry to the games, we will be flooded with guides that will help us learn the basic rules of the game. We learn how to build, accelerate various processes, train individuals or how to move around the world around us.

In addition to meeting ordinary units, we can also employ captains, units with special skills useful and useful in attack or defence. Captains are also a pass to extrapolate caves (crypts) from which they will bring us valuable gains as parts of the inventory. After collecting the available parts of the parts, we can create powerful items that will further strengthen the captain and the units commanded by him. Available items also have a positive effect on the life of the entire city.

On the world map, there are many sites waiting for our attack, there are other cities, monsters like Ogres and Undead. We send trained units to attack, which should be properly selected for the purpose of our trip if necessary no one will come back alive. Battle reports will appear in our diary, each worth analyzing to select units for the next attack, as well as their sufficient quantity. Everything is important, after all, it is a strategy game.

Players in Total Battle can form alliances with each other, and members have the option of mutual assistance, e.g. when building new construction, in a word and more lists count our stay, the faster we can expand the city by asking them for help. And if less than 5 minutes are left until the end of construction, we have the option of using this option immediately without additional costs.

When the tutorial ends, we get hundreds of new tasks. All of them bring many rewards, such as raw materials, game currency and experience after completing them.

I think it’s worth trying your strength. The game interface is simple and transparent, there is not too much pressure on the premium currency, although I buy it we can significantly accelerate its development.

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