river combat

River Combat Review

River Combat is a free free-to-play browser game in which all fans of strategic games are available. The following types of games are available, also here our key package is an extensive base, collecting ingredients, building an army, and then use it to attack other players. Main goal? Of course, this is the conquest of the whole world, the virtual world.

River Combat was given to us a number of land, air and water units. Their proper use guarantees us to victory. However, in order to build power, you must first focus on economics, i.e. expand your databases, and here a whole range of devices is waiting for us, each of which must be important. These are production products such as cement factories and steel foundries. We also have refineries, because after all, our units do not require water to go.

In addition to the plan of joint buildings or attacks, you should also focus on defending our belongings. For this, you will use rocket launchers, SAM, radar stations or walls. The radar will be one of the key elements, it should be just to notify us of an approaching enemy. Remember that each attacking or defensive unit has its strengths and weaknesses, use them covered by unique serious strategies on the battlefield.

During the walk, we can control the units by clicking the mouse and using the arrows on the keyboard. The fight itself is now automatic, and our team is to lead the army as close as possible to the enemy units. Each unit has a bar indicating the standard of living when it empties until we lose it. A player, even though one unit survives, wins the match.

When it comes to River Combat graphics, the developers have done a great job. All visualizations are loaded, including visual effects at a known level. What’s more, you can also enjoy cool sound effects and background melodies that will make hours of fun more enjoyable.

Join River Combat today, plunge into the vortex of epic battles on the world map. Build your own access, conquer enemy territories to gain access to resources. Create factories, develop new strategies using the most powerful war machines in military history. Tanks, planes or giant aircraft carriers, you can now manage all this through your browser.

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