Panzer General Online

Panzer General Online Review

Panzer General Online is the latest Ubisoft game (Anno Online, Silent Hunter Online) from their free MMO series. The Panzer General series debuted in 1994 and is a well-known war strategy. In the currently presented game, which we can download for free and through our settings without using the planned equivalent. Players get the opportunity to control their army here, they can personalize their troops and command even mechanized units such as combat vehicles or tanks. There will be various troops here consisting of infantry or even aeroplanes (fighters, bombers, etc.).

Personalization of our army to combine elements of these popular names from card games (TCG) and those where we play with miniature soldiers at home. Players can collect and operate units in the form of virtual thumbnails, and then they also need legendary warriors unique to each nation.

For example, on the German side, there will be tanks – Tigers, as well as Nebelwefer rocket launchers, and on the American side, there will be Szermans and Pershing’s. We can also create our own decks from Command Cards in Panzer General Online, which can tip the scales of victory thanks to tactical manoeuvres, but will it be nice to call for aerial support from time to time? Which did not?

Fighting is first and foremost an intensive action, where wise strategy and tactics matter. Of course, we fight in turns on a grid of hexagonal fields, and the entire map contains numerous obstacles, each of which in various ways makes it difficult or easier for us to attack/defend. Panzer General Online offers us an inspired battlefield history in single-player campaigns that will just as well serve us as an advanced tutorial. The campaigns are different, but the Battle of Monte Casino deserves special attention, in which we play the role of the Americans, who disembark in Sicily to start the invasion. But if someone prefers to play as Germany, then the fight is waiting for us during the Allied invasion in Normandy, or the Offensive in the Ardennes.

However, the most important feature in the game is the multiplayer option, thanks to which players can fight face to face with others in several interesting game modes. In each mode, we have to demonstrate an incredible ability to command, tactical mind … The mentioned game modes include Skirmish, Survival and Ranked. Each subsequent victory in Survival mode increases the chance of much better rewards. In Ranked, we fight for the highest position on the scoreboard.

Panzer General Online is available directly via browsers and you don’t need to download anything else, of course, you need permanent internet access. But starting your adventure here remember that our tactical skills are more important than luck. Anyway, I recommend the game to those who have ever played the Panzer General series in their childhood, but it is also a great game for those who first come into contact with a similar genre.

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