Little Alchemy combinations

Little Alchemy Guide : Combinations

Game Guide Little Alchemy, in which you’ll find a list of combinations for the game, all even hidden ones, thanks to which you will be able to go through its stages faster. The game consists in combining successively acquired items into more complex elements. There are over 580 connections on the list, just type in the search engine above the table the word you are looking for and you will see the available combinations.

    • Aquarium

water + glass / glass + fish

    • Allergy

human + dust

    • Alligator

lizard + swamp / lizard + river

    • Alcohol

fruit + time / juice + time

    • Alpaca

mountain + sheep

    • Ambulance

hospital + car / doctor + car

    • Angel

human + bird

    • Antarctica

ice + desert / desert + snow

    • Archipelago

island + island

    • Cannon

gunpowder + pirate ship

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