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Klondike Adventures Review

Game description Klondike

At the very beginning, Klondike offers us a mini-guide in the form of hints and task combinations. This time we will learn the basic laws governing the entire game. We are also greeted by people (probably Eskimos) who can tell us where the entire legacy of our relatives is hidden. Then just start all the fun.

A look at our character

Let’s start by taking a closer look at our character. In Klondike, just click on the avatar to enter your profile. We can change our name here, change our gender, and also look somewhat, although the options here our publisher did not overwhelm. We have three head options, three torsos and the same number of legs. Of course, using premium currency (Emeralds) we can unlock many more options, but is it worth it?

Building our settlement

Our village in Klondike is not just a farm there, we can build production buildings here like a sawmill, which is needed by woodcutters so that they can cut large trees without consuming our energy. The quarry is needed to extract the resources needed: iron ore, coal, building stones and clay. The furniture factory will provide us with equipment for our homes, etc. I will not replace them all, but you will soon convince yourself that it is worth putting a little effort into their construction, because obtaining with our energy all the necessary raw materials, materials, etc. is a very expensive and time-consuming business. Additional employees will be required to work in specific buildings, at the beginning we have two of them and you will probably send them to a sawmill, but as the fun develops, there will be more and more of them systematically.

But all raw materials for construction, for tasks, are generally available, we can cut grass, collect stones, cut trees, collect clay and other ores. We receive experience points and coins for each of our activities, but also random items fall into our collection, and sometimes extra energy falls into our hands. From what I’ve noticed, it is worth getting rid of the stones until the end, often below them is a chest with lots of gifts and bonuses.

Elements of farm games

The building is more or less described, so let’s get to the farm functions you will find in the Klondike game, which are typical and there is no escape from the classics. We have our own garden, divided into plots, so all we have to do is a shop in the game store and we can start planting with ready seeds. Each plant has a specific flowering time and it is best to harvest the crop as soon as possible so that it does not break down.

But as it usually happens in this type of applications, we can also deal with farm animals, but it’s better to get acquainted with the granary right away, where you can prepare feed for each type of animal by combining the ingredients. Why do we need animals? Well, cows will give us milk, and chicken eggs – simple not? Like with plants, animals also unlock as we advance to higher levels. In a word, the higher the level, the more seeds, animals and building types will be made available to us.

Collections and gifts

I mentioned earlier that while working in the game Klondike random elements fall into our collection and I will tell you that it is a very useful function because we usually have to collect several different items that make up the given collection. For exchanging a given collection we will receive interesting rewards, energy, experience points or some ore to build.

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