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King of Agon Review

King of Agon is an anime-style MMORPG browser game from the stable of Lekool Games. In the game, players dress their characters in fashionable outfits, arm them with advanced weapons, accept thousands of tasks and go hunting to nearby mines and chase terrifying bosses in available dungeons.

Review of King of Agon

The game was inspired by the famous anime One Piece, offers us pirate themes and familiar faces that we will see everywhere, for example, the queen, protagonist Luffy and her pet. In instances and dungeons, you can face powerful monsters, but you’ll also learn about many funny characters including the charming princess and her boyfriend. However, the characters, beautiful and funny, are not as impressive as the maps. If you’ve ever played titles like Pockie Pirates or Cyber ​​Monster then you won’t be surprised by all the graphics in King of Agon. However, this game is definitely MMORPG, where we will find a lot of maps of various instances. Either way, wherever we go here we will find great photos/graphics that will sometimes arouse mixed feelings in you.

Players will absorb themselves to the end in exploring a world full of pirates, and the main goal in the whole game is to become the most powerful pirate or pirate king. Great tasks await everyone here, where we will be thrown into various destinations where you have to achieve the previously set goal or defeat the boss with whom it will not go so easy. As the game progresses, the boss that needs to be defeated will be more and more powerful, so for success, we will need powerful equipment and advanced items, as well as a faithful companion (pet) or a company of friends (other players).

There are no levels in King of Agon and we don’t have to gather experience to learn new skills. Currently entering the game we get access to all possible functions and skills. Keep going to get better skills you will need to spend some real cash, and sometimes we will also be forced to perform specific tasks. The game mainly offers us gameplay based on dungeon fights, but we will never get too many prizes out of them unless we do a task for which we were promised a generous reward. Many necessary things like Beli, potolki, etc. fall out after killing minions or bosses in dungeons or instances. But raising something sometimes borders on a miracle, what about the fact that we kill a minion with a single click when to pick up what he left behind we have to click several times. Really, it’s hard to lift anything from the ground. Sometimes I was afraid to kill a greater number of minions because I did not know if I could lift anything later.

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