goodgame empire review

Goodgame Empire Review

Hence my interest in GoodGame Empire. In the game, via www GoodGame Empire we play the role of the ruler of our truly medieval empire. who from now on will lead us by the hand before difficult beginnings, we will learn how to build and fight, that is, we will learn the basics. Probably the most annoying fact is that it can’t be stopped, I’m talking about a tutorial. It’s just like chickenpox, you have to survive and that’s it. Fortunately, there is no energy system here because it was already a labyrinth of exaggeration from NK.

So in GoodGame Empire we have three basic raw materials: wood, stone and food. For each erected building or military actions, we gain experience, and thanks to the fact that we are going to unlock, call new functions in the game and use more opportunities to build our castle.

Asking a question, what can you build in such a small space? Well, quite a lot, because of start with the mines anyway, and then we will learn how to expand our lands, of course, we need raw materials for this, but this probably does not concern anyone to surprise.

When we decide to expand the army, we must remember the important thing is the constant supply of food, our troops will be hungry, and if they do not find food with us they will simply run away. Well, but also our idyll in the castle is not so colourful because we have to live for something and then we come to the aid of a tax collector who will collect as much taxes for us as possible, but you will have to do it on time otherwise some money will be lost.

Let’s move on to matters related to the war in GoodGame Empire. If we already have a small army of our warriors gathered, and there are even a lot of units to choose from, which we need to build to meet several requirements, we can safely proceed to the attack on other cities. Click on the map in the bottom menu and see the area, so we are looking for a castle that will more or less be close to ours. After choosing the attack option, we have combat settings, and we can place our soldiers by of our strategy, we have three flanks to choose from. We choose the amount of war and set them on selected positions. When we finish it, we approve and then an information window appears with the time our army needs to reach the target and the amount in gold that we will bear for the war. After sending the army a little old-fashioned animation shows our army going to attack. If we win, we’ll get experience and some coins.

On the map, apart from other cities, we have so-called outposts, which are simply a bonus to the resources mined, but to get it becomes necessary to have a castellan. All in all, I forgot to add that in GoodGame Empire, if we are already on the map, we can easily preview the entire castle of the opponent, and all you need to do is select the appropriate form of action from the menu, there will also be spying, for more detailed information about the castle.

When it comes to social elements in GoodGame Empire, the first thing that caught my eye was the so-called comrades-in-arms who are just our friends on NK, and all they have to do is invite them and then they will be able to serve us as army commanders or spy agents. Brothers in arms can be obtained by proposing bonds of brotherhood to other lords, but they must be active because we will lose our bonuses. We also have alliances and rankings of other elements.

When it comes to graphic issues, the game has its own unique atmosphere, but graphics are not something that can impress, but it is not bad either. You can easily get involved in the game, although some may get pissed off at the initial difficulties, everything is understandable.

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