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Fap Ninja Premium Mod APK Features

Placing videos and photos of a cat on one page, adult-themed stuff is probably the most prolific kind of content we can find on the internet. And that hormone craze has of course also reached Android, where we can find all kinds of adult games.

Solve various mini-games and increase your score
One of them is Fap Ninja, with a name that is quite descriptive of what the game is exactly about. You’ve probably come across quite a lot of adventure games with better graphics and better storyline, but in this case, we will basically have a pretty skunky mini collection – games that we will have to hurry to solve.

They all have different goals and objectives and they are all presented with typical Japanese manga aesthetics. You must build as many points as possible and avoid losing three lives too soon. Then you can even tweet your score so all your friends, family and even your mother can see what games you are in.

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