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Elven Conquest: Elf Trainer [v1.0.1] Mod APK

Elven Conquest: Elf Trainer [v1.0.1] Mod APK Features

Elven Conquest is an adult visual novel set in the fantasy world of Elyanoris. The player controls the main character, an evil lord who controls an army of orcs and goblins. The Elves, once defeated by the ancestors, are now scattered over the world, most enslaved or dead. Some have turned in Dark Elves and live in caves, but none had seen an elf in a very long time.

Until Faye and Seraphine, master and apprentice, were send to the fortress of the evil lord to assassinate him. The girls fail in their quest however and get captured. The dark lord must now punish Faye and use soft or hard methods to make her into a willing slave. All conversation options and choices made during the adult scenes affect the outcome of the particular scene, whether she was treated harshly or soft. Both end up with her as a willing slave, but she can be submissive or dominant based on the outcomes.

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