Dragon Awaken

Dragon Awaken Review

Dragon Awaken is quite an interesting proposition among browser MMORPGs. It contains a large, magical world in which each of us finds a lot of interesting places and activities, so as not to get bored on long rainy days.

Game Description Dragon Awaken

The fun begins with an extensive tutorial that, step by step, takes us around the world, available functions and capabilities of the entire interface. Follow the next steps to get interesting offers and use “how to play”, and this is just the beginning of our adventure in this mystical world.

The real advantage of the game is that it doesn’t let us get bored, it has a pretty well-designed task system that assigns us new missions again and again. Thus, we can choose the direction of play ourselves. The quests are assigned a combination of quests from the main plot and side quests, not necessarily related to the story presented in the game.

The battle in Dragon Awaken is turn-based and you need a fishing line for a born strategist to succeed further. During your turn, you can choose the skill you want to use or focus on standard attacks. Skirmishes seem simple, but the right combination of spells and skills results in winning with the minimum amount of damage received.

In the title of the game, you have certainly noticed the word Dragon … yes, there are dragons here and each player as his side pet can have one of those fire-breathing beasts. Accompanies us to the end of our journey. At first, the dragon will be tiny, but over time its level increases as well as itself and its capabilities. At some point, it will become our most powerful ally in battle, which, when properly used, will make us invincible. One thing that saddened me was the fact that we don’t have direct control over our dragon during the fight. Which doesn’t change the fact that it’s quite a nice addition to the fun?

When it comes to the visual aspect, the Dragon Awaken is breathtaking. The game has a lot of spectacular graphics, animations and special additions, thanks to which the world around us is absolutely delightful. All this is complemented by a vivid colour palette that transfers the graphics of the described game to a completely different level.

The game is completely free but has the option of micropayments thanks to which we will get special amenities.

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