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Cunt Wars Mod APK

Cunt Wars Mod APK Features

Cunt Wars (+18) – it is the app, where the game player may get a girlfriend that will conquer with monsters and cruel magicians in order to get the castle that magicians live in and, after finishing the task, gets into a relationship with her chief and they live in the castle this girl gets in case of winning the battle.

The chiefs’ task is to buy weapons on time, take care of a woman and control the whole situation.

That is an exciting game with beautiful graphics, colourful animation and various levels of difficulty, which makes the game the great one, but be aware that it is the role game, which has the age limit 18+.

Cunt Wars is a browser card game for adult players. The game involves collecting cards that you use to fight other players. In card duels, you fight demons. You win? Included! Get fame points and you will advance to the higher leagues, where you can fight against even stronger opponents.

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