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Brawl Stars: A beginner’s guide

How to get diamonds for free?

💎 Diamonds in Brawl Stars is the most valuable currency for which players can purchase skins for their Brawlers, various types of chests, tokens or items from the store marked as a special offer.
“Brawl Boxes” give us a 9% chance of getting from 3 to 12 diamonds. Generally, we have about 61% chance to get 3 pieces, 5% to 27%, and 8% to get 9 diamonds. The least, because only a 3% chance, we have 12 diamonds from such chests.


Tokens (Tokens) – what are they and how to get them?

Tokens in the game are used to open chests. Earning tokens from Showdown events is largely based on the final position we get. We won’t buy them in the store, but we’ll find Token Doublers there, which we’ll also find in the form of a bonus in the chests that you open. In addition, every time we get a new level in the game, or if our Brawler is promoted, we also get tokens as a reward.


Tickets – information about collecting

Tickets 🎫 grant you admission to ticket events that will appear after unlocking them from Trophy Road. Tickets are awarded each time a ticketed event opens and more can be dropped as a bonus from the boxes.

You can increase the number of tickets used to enter Ticket Events, and if you win, your prize will be multiplied by this number! For example, suppose you use 1 ticket and take part in a special event, so you only get 20 tokens as a reward. Instead, if you use 10 tickets to attend a special event, you’ll receive 10 times that amount or 200 tokens!

Ticket events 🎫 are available in the fifth slot and require tickets from us. They will appear on weekends, and events will not increase the number of trophies you have earned, instead, they will reward you with chips. As long as you have tickets, you can continue playing at the Ticket Event. Remember that you can also use more tickets to multiply your prizes!
Tickets are available for purchase only at the store on weekends, for the duration of each special event.



💰 coins are used to improve Brawlers after collecting the required PowerPoints to advance. They can also be used to buy items offered as “day offers” in the store. Coins can be found in chests and bought in the jewel shop (diamonds).



Power points are items that can be obtained using Brawl Boxes or by buying them in the store. Each Brawler has its own pool of power points, and once you get enough of them you can upgrade them to the next level. Higher Brawler levels require more power points to improve.

Power points are mainly obtained from Brawl Boxes. Each box will contain a small number of PowerPoints for a random Brawler that you unlock. Brawler’s rarity doesn’t affect how often the power points are in the box. After unlocking Brawler, the box has the same chance to score points as in any other case.

Each PowerPoint costs 2 coins in the shop. For example, 10 power points will cost 20 coins, 32 power points will cost 64 coins, etc. The number of power points you can buy depends on the daily offer. Each PowerPoint offer can be purchased only once. PowerPoint offers change every 24 hours and then you can buy them again.

Some Trophy Road rewards also offer power points. These rewards come in packages of 25, 75 or 150 power points, and also allow you to choose which Brawler will receive those points.



Trophies 🏆 are awarded or collected based on the results of subsequent battles. Each of your Brawlers has its own individual number of Trophies, and this determines Brawler’s Rank. All individual Brawler trophies you add give you the total number of trophies. If your Brawler is of high rank, you lose more trophies when you lose and get fewer trophies when you win. Each time Brawler is promoted, 10 tokens are awarded.

Trophies are obtained by participating in Events. If your team wins or survives long enough by playing Showdown, you will receive trophies. However, you can also lose Trophies if your team loses or you are defeated in a Showdown game.

When you win or lose trophies, they are awarded or deducted from the Brawler you used during this match. Each of your Brawlers has its own individual number of Trophies. The number of trophies lost or won from a match varies depending on the number of Brawler trophies.

The individual number of Brawler trophies determines his rank. Every time your Brawler reaches the next rank, you get 10 tokens. After reaching a given Rank, your Brawler cannot lose it, even losing trophies, so each Brawler can only reach a Rank once and receive a reward in Tokens only once.

At lower ranks, we always win more trophies if we win, and less is taken in the event of a disaster. The higher rank is the opposite, we lose more during defeats than we gain during wins. It’s harder to get rank above 10. 20th rank is currently the highest.

Every two weeks on Monday, the season ends and the next one begins. At the end of each season, any Brawler who has more than 500 trophies will lose 50% of their trophies above 500. In addition, you get tokens based on your total trophies, so more trophies means a bigger reward.


Trophy Road

Thanks to this, we can win prizes for achieving 🏆 the next milestones regarding Trophies. Rewards include both new Brawlers, unlock new events, give chests, tickets, power points and coins.



We gain experience after each fight. Unlike Trophies, the experience cannot be lost. The amount of experience received depends on how well we are doing during the fight.



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