atlas reactor review

Atlas Reactor Review

Atlas Reactor is a futuristic strategy game based on turn-based games. The game’s plot is set in a futuristic megacity, thanks to which the gameplay itself offers us a lot of new experiences thanks to a few minor modifications that with a candle look for in similar MMO productions.

At Atlas Reactor, it’s always your turn and although it may sound quite strange, imagine playing with paper, scissors and stone – yes, here there are similar rules and we must always predict the opponent’s move before his turn. If you do not have even rudimentary intuition in this type of games, you can let the fun start from the beginning, although I personally encourage you to test it. Although the gameplay itself does not sound like it was supposed to bring something new to the world of MMOs, by playing you will see for yourself the uniqueness of the whole fun and the visual setting allows you to stop the player even for an extra hour, and then for another one and then you know how it happens.

In the game, you will meet many unique heroes, and each of them has been endowed with unique sets of skills, thanks to which we lead our own character at some point in the world on an individual scale, but sometimes it is worth looking at how the best led or lead their heroes and model their tactics introducing several improvements to suit our playing style.

Atlas Reactor is certainly a game for fans of tactical gameplay. And although it sounds like a preview of long, arduous gameplay, there is no shortage of speed here, so you always have to think, but do it as quickly and on a regular basis. Remember that for each decision important for the course of the game, you have only 30 seconds before the opponent’s turn begins and he will make the next move.

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